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It’s probably no news to you that…

People Love Pictures

…and there’s no better place to see that than online.

Facebook alone now stores over 220 billion images. And it’s not just social media. We’re seeing a large number of images all over the internet, including on news sites, blogs, and ecommerce sites.

The web has turned into a truly image-centric medium.  People no longer want to browse a website – they want to experience it.


If you’re not using images in your marketing
I bet these stats will make you change your mind:


The stats don’t lie… Visual appeal is important.
However, you can’t just use any image and expect it to do wonders.


While many marketers are happy with picking random stock imagery, I’m here to let you know that you’re making a huge mistake if you don’t choose your images wisely.

In fact if you’re not using images correctly, you’re just wasting a lot of possible sales, and what kind of conversion ninja wants to do that?

You see… Nothing says ‘I’m clueless’ like cheesy stock photos

You need unique and compelling images that grab attention faster than the sound of a cocking gun.


If Your Marketing Isn’t Getting
The Attention You KNOW It Deserves...


My name is Ciprian Macovei and along with my brother and partner Ionut Macovei, I've been working behind the scenes, doing graphics design work, to some of the world’s elite marketers in the IM Industry.

Our main job was creating conversion-boosting graphics to help them sell more of their products and services. It is fulfilling to know that some of our designs helped clients in their product launches that produced over 5-6 figures in sales and profits.


If there’s one thing we know, it’s creating high converting pages.

For a few years now, we’ve understood that a beautifully designed website with a great sales copy won't gain as many sales as we deserve if the images used are not high quality. Impressive images will engage the user gaining trust making them willing to approach you for your product or services.

I really just want to help the cause here
and help you guys increase sales and conversions.

So, if your marketing isn’t getting the attention you KNOW it deserves... Here are some ways you can use images to serve different purposes on your site that ultimately contribute to your website conversion goal:



Many people buy for emotional reasons. If you make them feel just right, they’ll take action. The same rule applies when choosing images for your site. A positive image brings out positive emotions. It could be a smile, a smirk or a gesture.

Emotions are powerful, and they work. And nothing evokes best an emotional response from the target buyer as images of people.

Don’t just trust me… Here are some case studies that clearly show that using people images on your pages will drastically increase your conversion rate:


37signals (web app company) saw a 102.5% increase in signups just because they added a picture of a smiley, happy person in the landing page of one of their web apps.


Jason Thompson had 48% more conversions by replacing the generic contact icon on his blog with his own photo. Again, results are statistically significant



In a recent marketing campaign by National Bureau Of Economic Research for a South African bank, using a picture of a woman increased response rates by the same amount as a 4.5% drop in the interest rate.


Medalia Art found that adding images of the artists increased conversions by 95% when it was tested against the Control page that contained images of only their art work.

But that's not all... Using images of humans can also
slash your ad costs dramatically

AdEspresso tested the images below.  While illustrations perform pretty well and are great branding, an ad with a picture of a person performs far better:

"Look at that! The Ad showing a person performed nearly 2 times better than our beloved mascot."


There’s no disputing…

Using human images get you


So, can people photos help the average marketer increase conversions and boost sales?


Short and simple; YES!

You see… People want to connect with other people emotionally; human photos make that emotional connection so much easier

It doesn’t matter if you own a small, medium or a BIG company… if you’re an online marketer (or if you’re just starting out with your online adventure) … Using images of people on your pages will help you build trust, boost conversions and sales.



The 90’s are gone. People don’t look at the web like they used to. They’re more connected than ever and educated. People can tell if you’ve used cheesy stock photos.

They used to be a rage back then, but not now. So in order to get a higher conversion rate today, you need to choose stock photos intelligently.

Your site has to look professional enough to convert better. If the stock photos you go for look bad you get a negative reaction from your visitors. Your aim is to send a positive message to your audience. Be smart and go for stock photos that you know will be right for your site, in every way.

So, say goodbye to the old cheesy photos

Say hello to the modern, conversion boosting images

The Story…

The products we develop and launch to the public are always built out of a need we have in our own business. Cut Out Pics is NO EXCEPTION.

Making money online is a dream for a lot of people. Besides the fact that you can make thousands of dollars a month there is also a freedom with working online that you just can't ever get from a 9-5 job. You're the boss, you work as much or as little as you want... These are the reasons we've quit our "day jobs" and started working full time as internet marketers.

When we’ve started our online journey it took us a while to understand…

To succeed online you don't need to reinvent the wheel. You need to copy things that are working and then model them into your personal business, so that you can mimic the success of those you copied.

That's what we did... We "spied" top marketers and found that graphic design played a huge role in their marketing… They all had clean modern designs and used photos of real people to increase trust of their brand.

We didn’t want to pay the “ransom” price for a modern design so we learned Photoshop to be able to create it ourselves…

It was time now to find some nice pictures… That’s when we had the choice to play Buy, Borrow, or Steal.

But we were shocked to find the price of stock photos ( and if you’ve been to any of the big media house lately you know what I mean). These guys can charge you $50 for just one photo. And don't get me going about "purchasing with credits" That's another game most stock photo sites play…

Borrowing and stealing weren’t an option either… we heard a lot of people getting nailed for a simple image so…

  • We hired a photographer and actors to shoot pictures

  • Bought the rights to sell the images

  • Removed the backgrounds for all images

  • Today we offer you a change from the big guys game…


Say Hello To An Overnight Boost In Conversions!

  • Get access to over 900+ files organized into time-saving categories for your convenience.

  • Protect Yourself from Copyright Hassles

  • No annoying credits are needed. Pay once, and have complete access to our image library.

  • All backgrounds are transparent


Here's how easy you can use these on any video or graphic editor software!


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Remember... All images have transparent background

Here's how easy they can be integrated in any design

NEW: Search Function! Search trough the images based on your keyword
and download just the ones that you need


The potentials for this package are truly endless & you can use them with complete confidence for all your projects...


You need quality images without worrying about copyright infringement, or paying royalties. But you don't have to tell us, quality stock photos are expensive.

On most stock photo sites, you'll pay $10 or more per photo.

But with us you can download 900 files for the same price you'd pay for a single file from the big stock photo sites . . .



Use the high-resolution images you'll find inside Cutout Pics to create gorgeous timeline covers, images posts and ads.

You have over 900 files to choose from, plus our amazing bonuses.

You'll have a wealth of media files for all your social media needs right at your fingertips.


You need high-quality images for your book covers and illustrations.

If you purchase images from "the Big Guys" you'll often be forced to pay royalties for using their images.

Not so with Cutout Pics. You’re granted permission to use these images for unlimited projects .


Product creators alike need high-resolution stock photos.

Images break up the monotony of text-based pages, giving your readers visual relief.

Not to mention, including images with alt text provides SEO benefits.


Here's Why You Need Cutout Pics

Why Mess with Credits?

Most stock media sites make you purchase credits.

And 9 times out of 10, you're forced to buy more credits than you need. . . . but never enough to buy more than one image. It's like throwing money away.

Not to mention, most of the time, you end up paying the equivalent of $10 or more for a single image! But when you pay just $22.95 for Cutout Pics, you can download over 900 stock photos.


All Files are Royalty-Free

Relax, Cutout Pics are royalty-free. Use the files as many times as you like for book covers, Facebook ads, blog posts, flyers and brochures, sales material, social media posts and more... without ever worrying you'll receive notice you owe for royalties for use.


You Won't Find an Offer Like This Anywhere Else!

Look, you can modify our stock photos anyway you like. Use them as background pics for social media or inspirational quotes. Use them in your offline or online marketing campaigns.

Use them in your videos. Upload them to your blog. Use them in ebooks and in your reports. Create a squeeze page background with the images.

Or do all of it. With 900+ files to choose from, you'll come up with endless ways to use Cutout Pics for countless projects.


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